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5+1 reasons why you should be using ‘The Lion Sleep’ Mask !


The purpose of the eye sleep mask is to prevent any artificial or physical light from entering the eye area. By having the quality of light-blocking, calmness and relaxation are provided to the user with the purpose of deep sleeping without any disruptions.

Are you experiencing sleep loss problems? By using a sleep mask not only you would fall asleep easier, but you would also get a good quality sleep!


Researchers from 2010 proved that sleep masks can result in higher levels of REM sleep. This sleep stage helps to achieve healthy sleep habits and hormone stability.

The darker the room, the better you sleep – researchers suggest. An alternative to the costly-curtain solution is a sleep mask which completely blocks the light.

By heating or cooling your home, dust and pet hair (which you don’t even notice) could stir up while you are sleeping. What a better solution than a sleep mask which could be your ‘eye protector’!


A sleep mask could protect your eye area which is where most people’s wrinkles start from. The reason for that is the way we sleep (think about the shapes of your wrinkled pillowcase on your face) which usually leads to collagen breakdown.

It might not sound right for many, but sleep loss could be linked to depression (90% of depressed people experience sleep loss problems). More sleep equals better psychology

By getting the right amount of sleep could be beneficial for your memory and concentration. Healthy sleep levels can increase your problem-solving abilities, so why not starting your good habits by sleeping more?