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5 Tips for Better Sleeps

How to sleep better: 5 tips for Better Sleeps. Starting Today.

We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep. However, many people face difficulties when it comes to sleeping time. Having in mind the difficulties of a bad night’s sleep and having gone through some of its consequences, we searched about how to improve our sleep in order to benefit from the positive effects it has on our health. Find below 5 tips for better sleeps!

Stop or reduce daytime sleeping habits

Daytime naps can be beneficial if their duration is up to 30 minutes. Longer daytime sleeping may cause bad night’s sleep. However, if you sleep during daytime and not have any sleeping difficulties at night then you should not worry. Otherwise, you may have to stop/reduce your daytime naps.

Your mind needs relaxation before sleeping time

Read your favorite book, take a hot bath, breath deep or listen to relaxing music. Try different relaxing methods/techniques before going to bed as they may improve the quality of your sleep.

Quality mattress and pillow…quality sleeps

Many people experienced back or neck pain because of poor quality mattress and pillows. A quality mattress and pillow may elevate the quality of your sleep. Remember: Upgrade your mattress and pillow every 5–8 years.

More daytime bright light exposure…better night’s sleep

Circadian rhythm, the natural-internal process that controls our sleep-wake cycle, needs exposure in bright light during the day in order to be healthy and thus, tell our body when it’s the right time to sleep. Therefore, if you have severe sleep issues, exposing yourself in bright light (natural or artificial) during the day may improve the quality of your sleep.

Bedroom environment – The Complete Blackout

Although the bright light exposure during daytime is important, light exposure during the night may cause poor quality sleep. Therefore, you need to make sure that your room is in total darkness when you sleep. In addition, you need to diminish the external noise in order to sleep better.

We understand that sometimes it’s difficult and very expensive to create a “total darkness and silence” environment in your room. We are here to help! The Lion Sleep Mask is a premium material mask that provides complete blackout for the quality sleep that everyone needs for better health! P.S.: We also provide a pair for ear-plugs for minimizing the noise in your bedroom environment.

Great Sleeps. Starting Today!