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Your eyes need a good…blackout sleep!

You wake up every day for a long time now and you have dark circles under your eyes? You always feel tired? You feel like wrinkles are constantly increasing?  You always thought that this is “natural”, and you may just have rough sleep. We suggest you look for other reasons that may interrupt your sleep and lead to all the above consequences!

Firstly, a total blackout sleep is vital for humans. After all, that’s the reason why people from the dawn of human history, need darkness to sleep and daylight to wake up.

The area under the eyes is the most sensitive area of skin on our face. Therefore, a good – blackout sleep, prevents dark circles under the eye area, wrinkles and skin fatigue.  

Furthermore, many people sleep on their side or stomach and their face is rubbing on their pillowcase. This may cause pressure to your skin under the eye area and can lead to the breakdown of the collagen, which means…wrinkles!

What’s one of the most cost effective and best solutions for the “blackout” problem? A quality sleep mask! The right sleep mask, which fits your face shape, which is made of natural fibers and is lightweight and hypoallergenic will help you fight these signs of aging. 

The right sleep mask is finally here!

The Lion Sleep Mask is here to make sleep time, rest time and leave your skin youthful. You deserve it!